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Total Network Solutions is a well known company that provides many IT and networking related services to thousands of clients all over the globe. The main focus of the company is on managed IT services.

Total Network Solutions has the philosophy of providing their clients latest networking technologies and tools like Cisco Switches so they can move forward with the industry. As it is a service centered business, the company knows the importance of people, staff and their professional who provide award winning services and assistance in different areas. It is mainly known for providing managed IT services that grow with your business. This dynamic approach is specifically made and implemented for small businesses so they can keep a keen eye on their budget while moving forward.

IT plans and managements could lead to a dead end if handled recklessly. The company provides its services when required and there are no hidden fees or costs that could surprise you afterward. Total Network Solutions take responsibility of every IT product and service they provide and more importantly they want you to be part of the process so they can keep you updated with the current situation all the time.

What are infrastructure services by Total Network Solutions?

Regardless of what your company does and what kind of products and services you offer, IT is the backbone of almost every company on the planet. When you get professional help from Total Network Solutions, you are not just a case for them but instead the professionals and experts provide you the services, assistance and support you are expecting. The company has Microsoft Gold Certified team of professional and they are specialized in providing infrastructure services to their clients.

These services are designed and developed to meet the requirements of small and midsized businesses and companies. Because of the dynamic nature of these services, they can work on any scale whether small or large. The professional team is trained to design and deploy equipments and systems from many different companies including Microsoft, Dell, VMware, Cisco and many others.

Infrastructure services from Total Network Solutions include database development and migration, security solutions, virtual server designing, deployment and implementation, network infrastructure design, deployment and implementation and disaster recovery planning. Other than these services, the company also provides cloud services as well as application development services.