Extreme Networks is a popular company that provides network solutions and service to thousands of customers all over the globe. It is mainly known for their Network Access Control solution.

Extreme Networks provides state-of-the-art Network Access Control solution that is worldwide popular because of its performance and reliability. NAC is the ultimate network solution designed and developed for wired and wireless networks as well as for Virtual Private Networks. The company has put significant efforts in the development and deployment of this particular product and expectedly it delivers extraordinary results.

Network Access Control designed by Extreme Networks makes sure only the right person can access the right information at the right time and from the right place. There are many other factors and variables used in NAC to make the whole system reliable; some of these variables are location, device model, OS version, authentication types and even user group. The Guest Account Services allow users to connect with the network using their own devices by using the credentials provided by the company.

This is a standards-based network solution that means it can easily integrate with other 3rd party products and services. The main advantage of using Network Access Control is to manage the visibility of users and take control of different applications running in multi-vendor infrastructure. Other than the Network Access Design, Extreme Networks is also known for its amazing product NetSight. This is a revolutionary product that combined with network equipments like Cisco Switches and routers can provide the ultimate network solution for small businesses.

What makes NetSight so powerful is the intelligence, integration of other 3rd party tools and services with it and the automation of the entire process. This particular product offers solutions for wired and wireless networks, and gives the control to the central control system. This piece of software can even handle routers, switches and wireless networking equipments as well as networking tools from other vendors like Cisco.

As you can anticipate, NetSight simplifies everything for businesses so they can centralize all the network traffic and data. It comes with powerful integration capabilities that allow it to integrate with enterprise management solutions and platforms. Because of the automation of the entire process, the overall operational efficiency of the system increases significantly.

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