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Choosing the right switch

There are different types of switches and routers that could make it harder for you to decide which one is the best and most suitable for your company’s networking requirements.

First of all, there are two types of Cisco Switches that are commonly used; managed and unmanaged switches. Contrary to popular belief, both of these types are widely used by small businesses all over the globe because the difference between these is not related to scalability but it is related to the features like security and control over the process. Of course unmanaged switches are more popular among small companies because they are easy to implement and come with all the basic feature a small business might need.

The different between Cisco 300 Series and Cisco 100 Series

Cisco 300 Series is managed switch that comes with many advanced features a small business might not even need in the first place. It allows administrators to prioritize the traffic on the network so you can control which information and data is more important so it should pass through first. It means by using a managed switch, you get more control over the network and network traffic.

Cisco 100 Series is unmanaged switch which is globally popular because of its simplicity and easy configuration. Actually it does not need configuration at all and there is no software to operate and control it. This easy implementation of the hardware makes unmanaged switches quite popular among small businesses but there could be some exceptions where a small company might want to control all the network traffic.

Unmanaged switches come with fixed configurations that mean you cannot change them using software. However these switches are ready to communicate with all the compatible devices connected with the network like printers and computers. You can simply plug in the switch and connect your devices and it’s ready to go. However unmanaged switches have a huge advantage over their counterparts when it comes to implementation but they have more features.

Managed switches allow administrators to configure, manage and keep an eye on all the traffic passing through the network. These switches are smart enough to detect issues in a device that is failing to connect with the network, and by using remote connectivity feature you can solve those issues remotely.Type hier je alinea.